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All Piña & Coco hats are made from natural fibers of the Toquilla leaves, and all rely on a strong hand-crafted process; from the weave to the designa and final touches. There are no two alike. The imperfections or variations in color, in the weave, and finishing touches contribute to the uniqueness and beauty of your hat!

Here are some basic tips to keep your hat in mint condition: 

Avoid rolling or twisting: Though the hats are soft and flexible, try to avoid any twisting, bending or rolling of the hat as these can case the fibers to break and the designs to potentially crack a bit. 

Avoid rain and water: You should also avoid getting your hat wet or using it in the rain as it will loose its shape. The hats can withstand moisture but not water. 

Handling your hat: Don't pick your hat by the crown, as the pinching can cause the fibers to break. You always want to handle or pick up the hat by the brim.

Drying your hat if it gets wet:  If your hat gets wet, dry it with a clean cloth and let it air dry in the shade. 

Cleaning your hat: If your hat gets dirty, wiping down with a moist, clean, soft cloth (to prevent any scratching) is ideal. If that doesn't do the trick, try cleaning with a small amount of mild soap and water. 

Reshaping your hat: If your hat loses its shape due to a heavy rain or mishap, try molding it back into shape with steam or a hair dryer in very low setting. You can mold the brim by using an iron (very low heat setting) and using a soft cotton cloth or press cloth in between the iron and the hat. Don't use the iron directly on the hat as it may burn the fibers and ruin the artwork on the hats. 

Storing your hat: When storing your hat, it's best to keep it in your Piña & Coco box, so it maintains its shape. 



Use the chart below to figure out what size you are. Piña & Coco hats come in SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE sizes. 

To measure your head, use a non-stretch string or measuring tape and place it right above the top of your ears. The string or tape should then wrap around your head, going slightly above your eyebrows. If you used a string mark the circumference, then lay the string flat and use a ruler to measure the marked length. This will be the interior band size for your hat so you'll want to make sure the tape is not too tight or too loose.

You'll want to measure a couple of times for more accuracy.  It's pretty straight forward though may be easier to get someone to help you measure your head.

Use the chart below to figure out your size. The chart has both inches as well as centimeters, so make sure to match your measurements with the right measurement units. 


Buying a hat as a gift?

You can use any cap or hat as a reference. Measure the bottom edge of the hat where the crown meets the brim. Again, you can use a non-stretch strong or measuring tape, and try to measure several times for accuracy.



Our boxes flatten out nicely so you can store them when not in use. Just gently push the center crease in the bottom of the box and the box will fold and flatten.


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