About us

We are a 'slow fashion' - sustainably focused and locally empowering - hat and accessory brand seeking to fuse the beauty of latin American culture and tradition with fun, unique art and designs. 

Our hat weaves are all handmade by artisans in Cuenca, Ecuador. The process takes over a month from the moment farmers pick the leaves, treat the fibers, and make the weave, reflecting the tradition of multiple generations. We then take these raw weaves and make them into actual hats in Medellín, Colombia. We design our hats and accessories through a direct partnership with artists from all over the world, to produce some magic…for you! 

About Adri Navarro, founder + hat enthusiast

Adriana (aka Adri) was born and raised in the beautiful coffee region of Colombia, South America. At only 2 years old, Adri's life long love for hats began.  

Inspired by the passion of local artisans and her desire to showcase Latin American design on a broader scale, Adri founded Piña & Coco.

As a women-founded and women-led business, Adri’s hope is that Piña & Coco’s unique and fun designs will blend doing good with looking good.


Why slow fashion?

We're proud of the responsible approach we take to manufacturing aiming for minimal environmental impact. As a slow fashion company, we work with small batch productions and value transparency in our collaboration with all of our partners- from local artisans to providers, to the artists and creatives that join our team.  

Where does the name Piña & Coco come from?

The name Piña & Coco, literally translating to Pineapple & Coconut, is a slight play on words. We wanted to reflect our Latin American and tropical origin with a well- know word- Piña (think Piña Colada) and we added “Coco” to its side; beyond being a delicious tropical fruit (coconut), it is a Spanish slang for “head”… where our hats belong!

Where are Piña & Coco products made?

We work with artisans in Cuenca, Ecuador, to the raw weaves – which at this states are called “campanas”, or bells. We then take these raw weaves to Medellín, Colombia, for their ultimate transformation into designed hats.

We work with artists from around the globe to create unique designs. All of our artists receive a percentage of sales of any product with their designs.  
Learn more about our process and our artists.

Where is Piña & Coco based?

We're based out of Washington DC, U.S. and Medellín, Colombia. 




Check out the artists who have designed our tropical fruit collection!


our process

All of our products are made from the natural fibers of the Toquilla Palm. Learn more about our process!